sztriptíz indie comics fair - szt 

April 8-9 2016

Sztriptíz Indie Comics Fair (SZT) is a two day long Budapest based art festival of indie comic books organised by The ArtYard in collaboration with BP! Comics. The fair features comic presentations, projections, artist talks, workshops and the launch of an anthology of the 10 best indie comic stories from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

SZT pays homage to the playful yet masterly art of Indie comic book designs. Indie comics present an alternative to the traditional comic narratives, putting forward a wide range of subjects, styles and genres. Often self-funded and more art oriented, indie comics increasingly shatter the boundary between comic and fine art, introducing thought provoking story lines, diverse characters to which people can relate to and interact with. 

A special edition anthology, printed in Risograph, will be introduced at the event featuring the graphic novels of 10 artists. Additionally, the artists will present their portfolios personally and engage with the public through sales, comic signing, workshops and artist talks – converting the exhibition space into a highly interactive space for art.

Admission is free. 

Continuous Programs
Comic Jam
Hosted by: Zoltán Fritz
Freestyle comic stories during the SZT fair.  Add your personal anecdotes to the stream of drawings and chats with a bunch of comic enthusiasts. Visitors are welcome to contribute to the on-going strip-chain during the fair with spontaneous elements/heckling! 

About the host
Zoltán Fritz is an animator, illustrator and ceramic artist. He has created numerous comic stories, participated in comic speeches, designed covers and produced animations. As one of the founding members of the MKA - Hungarian Academy of Comics - he is very active in the comic art scene.

An endless loop of projection broadcasting animations and illustrations will be waiting visitors in the chill out lounge.  

Publishers’ talk about comic markets 
04.08 Friday 18.30-19.30
Moderated by: Antal Bayer
The discussion is in English

During the discussion Antal Bayer and Michal Slomka will discuss how publishing houses operate. Through their conversation light will be shed on topics such as how publishing houses select artists, what criteria they take into consideration. They will summarize their personal experiences, in particular, what the possibilities are for comic artists from Central-Eastern Europe in western markets. 

Register at info@artyard.gallery
Let us know the name of the workshop you would like to attend in the SUBJECT

Draw/fold/pass/print workshop 
04.09 Saturday 10:30 – 12:30
Hosted by: Árpád Szigeti
Workshop for ages 7 +
Participation fee: 3.500 Ft
The workshop is in Hungarian - English speakers can participate.

Unleash your imagination by joining the Draw/Fold/Pass/Print Risograph workshop. This workshop gives the participants a chance to create humorous comic creatures. Draw a picture sequence by concealing, folding and passing to your fellow workshop mates who will add their doodles in the same way.  The whole process and of course the final image is always highly amusing whilst working on your team building skills.  The end results will be printed in Risograph and collected in a publication for everyone to take home. 

About the host
Árpád Szigeti is the founder of Hurrikan Press - a Risograph print studio & independent publisher based in Budapest - and the CEO of Secco & Fresh a collective providing wall decorations for hostels, bars and shops.
Street Sauce workshop
04.08. Friday – 17:00-20:00
Hosted by: Marcus Goldson
Workshop for ages 12+ 
Participation fee: 6.000 Ft 
The workshop is in English - Hungarian speakers can participate.
In the Street Sauce workshop you can create a collective comic book based on Budapest’s characters by using mixed media materials.  Marcus Goldson will show you how to build characters that are representative of Budapest. Peeps you see regularly - families enjoying a day out, the man on the street, people on the bus or pensioners relaxing at the baths and the atmosphere of different settings – the metro, a park or the street determines the narrative putting the ordinary in the limelight and showing people being people.   

About the host
Marcus Goldson is a Budapest based artist born in Kenya. His paintings, watercolors and prints are ironic visual diaries, witty observations of real life, uncovering the most grotesque and yet familiar to us. From a bus ride in Budapest to his wildlife paintings, the artist captures the essence of life, full of humor and colors.

Photonovella - A novel way of telling a tale 
04.09. Saturday – 15:00-16:30
Hosted by: Marcus Villaça
Participation fee: 4.500 Ft 
The workshop is in English You are welcome to bring your smartphone or tablet with you.
The aim will be to create a two-page narrative arc by using photography - a PHOTONOVELLA. We will explore alternative methods of storyboarding combining photography and line drawings, how to find and use copyright-free images, seeing storylines in everyday objects and situations, the photo-collage as a storytelling medium and exploration of available phone and tablet apps.

About the host
Artist Marcus Villaça is the appointed curator of the Sztriptíz Anthology who has been creating comics for 6 years. Former art director of New York based magazines, his experience led to the founding of an alternative newsweekly in Barcelona - BCN Week - and pioneered hybrid photo-novella/comic approach to alternative comics.

Afterparty @ Brody Studios

The event series of SZT will be followed by a galvanizing after-party hosted by Brody Studios. Join us for a well earned cocktail or two and maybe your creativity will still be buzzing on the dance floor later. Admission is free of charge.
Live act & party DJ Slanki feat. László Heigl 


SZTRIPTÍZ Selection 2016

Introducing the 10 selected artists that will be featured in the Risograph-printed SZTRIPTÍZ Indie Comics Anthology. 

Izsák Á. Ambrus
“Originally I wanted to draw animation but I found out I'm more interested in comics especially children's comics.”

Attila Stark
“I like Freak Brothers.”

Matei Branea
“I was drawing a lot an then I gave birth to my character OMULAN.”

Balázs Turai
“If you don’t have an idea, take a walk or drugs.”

Lénárd László
“Around my 30's I began to draw. I thought maybe I could tell some stories in comic form that I couldn't in writing.”

Matjaž Bertoncelj
“Comics are a great field for an expression of everything possible.”

Petra Lilla Marjai
“I’m also co-organizing a zine festival and preparing a zine drawn exclusively by women.”

Sorina Vazelina
“The combination of words and images, the possibility to generate narratives starting from the paraphernalia of everyday life, not having the soft or hardware to create animations, boredom.”

Edmund Trueman
“I really respect the older alternative-comix guys from Belgrade for combining the Iggy Pop lifestyle with Avante Garde comics.”

“Now I’m working on illustrations for a tale. It’s about three sisters and a snake. But it won’t be just a sweet story, it’s not in my style.”

csaba fürjesi


The ArtYard is pleased to present Behind Transparency, the inaugural exhibition at the gallery’s new location at Andrássy Avenue 66. The debut exhibition features new works by Csaba Fürjesi in contemporary painting.

Fürjesi’s new series of paintings chronicles everyday happenings, individual human stories – the compositions teeter on the verge of real and surreal. As dr. Róbert Nátyi defines: “Fürjesi invokes the historical memory of the recent past and summons the hidden experiences that lurk in the back of our minds (…) as if he said that we need to analyze and evaluate the events of the past in order to interpret ourselves in its continuity”.

Fürjesi was born in 1969, Salgótarján (HU). He lives and works in Budapest and Salzburg (AT). First and foremost a contemporary painter, Csaba has been working and experimenting in print making and has developed his own techique using compressed pure celuloid. His paintings and prints feature in major collections such as the Hungarian National Gallery, Graphische Sammlung der Eth in Zürich and Oxford University Collection.  

Exhibition Opening Night | 4 February 2016 | 7pm+
RSVP: brodyartyard@gmail.com

Exhibition on view from 5 February to 5 April, 2016

Sztriptiz call

Brody ArtYard in collaboration with BP! Comics opens the call for an anthology of Indie comics

The project welcomes new wave and alternative comic stories focusing on Central and Eastern Europe. The best 10-20 graphic novels will be published in a publication printed in Risograph. The compilation will be launched during the first Sztriptíz – Indie Comic Fair, dedicated to the art of alternative comic design. 

What is an ‘alternative’ or ‘Indie’ comic?

Indie comics offer a different narrative to mainstream comics that incorporate figures of superheroes combating their archenemies – supervillains. Instead, they present a wide range of subjects, styles and genres. 

The criteria is to propose a story which deals with the region of Central Eastern Europe – narratives, happenings that reflect on local issues, giving a picture of the daily life in the countries belonging to the region. We encourage national and international artists to participate. Successful applicants will not only be included in the publication, but they will also be invited to showcase their works at the fair, free of charge.

The deadline of the call is 4 January 2016. 

SZTRIPTíZ   Indie Comic Fair
Spring 2016  Brody ArtYard – print studio and gallery.

Brody ArtYard  Print studio and gallery 
BP! BigPig Comics Budapest, bigpig.co

Criteria and guidance

• We welcome artists 18 years and above from any country to apply. 

• The submitted story has to deal with Central Eastern Europe (CEE) - each narrative is required to reflect on local issues and happenings taking place in the region from any time frame.

• Stories can be anywhere from 1-10 pages in English, original or already published, format A4 and finished work  - text and illustrations. We won’t take into consideration any drafts.

• The publication will be printed in Risograph. Selected artists must be able to prepare their own files for printing. See bellow details about the printing process and file preparation.

• The selected artists will have their stories published, will receive a space at Sztriptíz Indie comic fair to showcase their work and 5 copies of the publication. Additionally, we will select some illustrations to be featured on art merchandise such as Risograph posters, screen printed tote bags. 30% of the production will be offered to the artist.  There is no support for travel and accommodation expenses.

Process of submission

Round 1

• Complete the application form here:  https://rocketpig1.typeform.com/to/tC1QqT

• Send your story as a  PDF or jpg file, low resolution full color to info@bigpig.co


The Applicant warrants that the submitted work is solely owned by him/her and no third party has any ownership, intellectual or any other rights with regard to the graphic narrative or component thereof that may impede or otherwise interfere with any prospective use, sale thereof.

Round 2 – Just for the selected works

Technical details of printing 

What is Risograph printing?

The Risograph uses a printing process that achieves similar rich spot colors and ink textures to screen print but with very fast duplication speeds.

The publication size is A4 (210 mm x 297 mm), but notice that the printable area is 200 mm x 287 mm. All page layouts resolution should 300 DPI.

Black, Burgundy, red, fluro pink, medium blue, teal, green, gold and yellow Each artist may choose up to 3 colors - from Brody ArtYard's color scale. 

All layout pages should at be Each page layout should be separated by colors and transformed into gray scale. This means all files must come in PDF format, one PDF file for each color, with crop, registration and bleed marks offset to 4 mm. 

Text and Shapes
When exporting text and line art keep as vectors and do not rasterize them. All types and solid shapes must be set to RGB BLACK (R:0 G:0 B:0) Please, no effects, no transparency. 



Exhibition Opening & Art Market Budapest VIP closing Party
Saturday 10 October | 8pm+

Celebrating 15 years of being RUDE (http://www.thisisrude.com/), Rupert Meats and Abi Williams will be back in Budapest to showcase their new silkscreen prints series, launch their book and to liven up some of our walls with a live painting session.

Rupert and Abi launched This is Rude as a fashion label for designing and selling t-shirts. The label grew and Rude was soon supplying T-shirts, duvets, silkscreen prints and home-ware to international accounts. Since then, they have been exhibiting their artworks and silkscreen prints all around the world. Their style blurs the barriers between art and design. Once they were defined by Dominic Lutyens from the Guardian as 'polymaths with a fresh, pop aesthetic, who are extending the Antoni & Alison spirit, but with a wider repertoire of designs'.

'I love image making, from a simple photocopy to a detailed screen print' says Rupert. His works have the ability to be playful and get the message across at the same time. He uses his hand drawings to create interesting T-shirt prints and posters, and more recently has worked with moving images.

@Brody Studios | 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 38 | 8pm
Welcome drinks offered by Bortársaság

Balkan Party with LAY DNA | 10pm+

* * * * * * 
Exhibition on view from 12 October - 5 December 2015
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (appointment recommended)
+36 1 266 3707 | studios@brodyhouse.com

past exhibitions

open call for Brody anonymous project

Brody ArtYard  is now accepting submissions for its ‘Brody Anonymous Project’. The Project takes place 8-11 October within Art Market Budapest 2015, the leading art fair in the Central and Eastern European region. Painters, photographers, sculptors, illustrators, street artists amongst others are welcome to participate.

Following the success of the last two years’ ‘Brody Anonymous Project’, we will present a selection of artworks anonymously, encouraging viewers to judge (and buy) on the basis on their senses only. No names, no signatures will influence the decision-making process, the audience just has to decide whether they like a specific artwork or not, relying on their senses. Names, bios and other key information will be provided to buyers after a purchase is made.

The core concept of the project is well aligned with the mission of Brody ArtYard that aims to democratise art, reinforce its appreciation and stimulate collection. Specifically, we hope the ‘Brody Anonymous Project’ series creates purchase opportunities for as many people as possible not only by offering a broad variety of artworks (in terms of content, medium, style) but also by making it affordable. Each piece will be available for the exact same price and no distinction will be made among the participating artists – whether the participant is an established artist or a newbie just launching his/her career. Also, we wish to undermine the conventional ideas linked to buying art, in which one examines the aesthetic features of the art piece, the career trajectory of the artists – the brand constructed around the name of the creator. Consequently, the Project is also designed to liberate creativity from the conventional notion of authorship.

To make a successful submission, please ensure you do as follows:


• Complete your portfolio on the https://www.works.io/ platform and refer to ‘Apply’ - APPLICATION GUIDE subsection for guidance.


• After creating the portfolio, you can submit your application by visiting the link: https://www.works.io/organizations/brody-artyard/brody-anonymous-project, ’Apply’ section


• The whole portfolio will be reviewed, however, select 3 artworks which you would like to submit for the Project. Indicate after hitting the APPLY NOW button (Apply section) which ones you have selected for this call and introduce them briefly.


• Each proposed piece MUST fit within a fixed space of MAXIMUM 60cm (width) x 60cm (height) x 20 cm (depth) INCLUDING frame/mount/passepartout – go smaller if you wish!


• Selected pieces may be 1D, 2D or 3D provided they fit within the space allocated.


• Each piece must have a frame or support so it can be hung easily.


• Please sign and date the BACK of the work only (hence the anonymous concept!)



TOTAL secrecy – this is critical to ensure the concept’s success - please do not even discuss with other artists without checking with us first.


The deadline of the call is 1 September 2015. Successful applicants will be contacted via e-mail by 10 September 2015.


To learn more and complete the application, please visit the following link: 


Ludovic thiriez and rogerio mesquita


Since the 16th century, missionaries from Portugal, naturalists, scientists and artists from the Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, among other nations organized themselves into expeditions, went to Brazil and produced vast documentation of the inhabitants, fauna and flora. These relentlessly curious traveller-artists were amazed by the new world they discovered. 

The first artistic production in Brazil was originated through contemplation and observation. A certain symbolism of the tropics begins to consolidate a romantic image of Brazil that pervades the collective imagination today. 

The artistic duo, Ludovic Thiriez and Rogerio Mesquita, exhibits a series of paintings layered over photographs that play and confront issues of identity and culture that populates the collective imagination of an exotic tropical paradise. 

Ludovic, as a traveler-artist, spent 2 years living in Sao Paulo. His work collects and documents symbols, sensations, experience that he integrates with (by painting on) Mesquita’s photographs. 

For years Rogerio snapped top models in Brazil mostly for advertising campaigns and fashion magazines. His portraits for the current series explore and tease the central theme of beauty within the fashion industry. He captures the apathetic disembodiment of the exuberant and his seminude toneless bodies are reincarnated and tropicalised through Ludovic's brush strokes.

Exhibition Opening Night | 2 July 2015 | 7pm - 9pm

Exhibition on view from 2nd July to 29th August 2015

@ Brody ArtYard | 1061 Budapest, Vasvári Pál utca 8 
Welcome drinks offered by BORTARSASAG | 

Mo to Fri: 11am to 7pm
Saturday: 12am to 6pm

Alice pattullo

Exhibition and workshop @ ArtPlacc 2015 

Brody ArtYard proudly presents the solo exhibition of Alice Pattullo, London based artist, at ArtPlacc 2015. The event will be accompanied by a series of Riso printing creative workshops, hosted by the artist herself. 

Alice Pattullo 
Born in 1988, Newcastle 
Lives and works in London

Research is at the heart of Alice’s personal practice and her work has a focus on visual elements from traditions, superstitions and folklore deriving from Great Britain and other cultures. Alice works predominantly with limited edition prints. Adding a modern humorous twist while consciously paying homage to British mid 20th century artists - such as Edward Bawden, Enid Marx, Barnett Freedman and Barbara Jones - the artist creates a nostalgic and vibrant aesthetic body of work.

As an illustrator, Alice works on commissioned projects with clients such as V&A Museum, Soane’s Museum, Conde Nast, Sainsburys, Faber, The National Trust among others. She is represented by the Central Illustration Agency.

Check out more of her works at:

(workshops held in English)

07.23. Thursday - 10-13.00; 16-18.00
Food POSTER (A/3)
6 person, 1 design/person, 10 editions/person
2 color print on 80 gr recycled paper

Taking inspiration from Alice’s food drawings and sketchbooks, learn how to create interesting marks and textures to collage and draw into, to illustrate your favorite fruits, vegetables, fishes and meats which can be combined with hand drawn type to make your very own poster.

07.24. Friday - 10-13.00; 16-18.00
‘Under the Water’ UNFOLDABLE BOOK (A/3)
6 person, 1 design/person, 10 editions/person
1 color print on 80 gr recycled paper

Learning from Alice's working process of painting and collaging with textures and experimenting with negative space, come and make a concertina illustration showing the treasures that can be found beneath the water. You will be able to reveal the depths of the ocean as you unfold your image into a flat print to be displayed or that can be folded back down into a portable ‘book’.

07.25. Saturday - 10-13.00; 16-18.00
8 person, 1 design/person, 10 editions/person
2 color on 200 gr Munken Pure paper

Come and look at Alice's large, colourful screen printed animals and have a go at drawing and printing your own favourite animal to cut out and stand up in our very own paper menagerie.
(for all ages)

All workshops are FREE!

Register at info@brodyartyard.com! Please write the name of the workshop you would like to attend in the SUBJECT. 

Svatopluk mikyta


Brody ArtYard proudly presents ’Homo Viator Sky’ by Svätopluk Mikyta. The exhibition is part of a long research on scrumming and reinterpreting forgotten images from central europe’s history through its graphic potential. 

From old publications, Mikyta adds new visual elements, tearing them apart, printing and painting over the found images that he has been obsessively collecting. Through his works, the artist challenges the unquestionable truth behind the unpopular still powerful manipulated images of National Identity wave that was spread throughout Central Europe during the 19th century. 

The series presented is homonymous of Mikyta’s first book “ Homo Viator” to be launched soon. The publication holds 100 reproductions of his work, made between the year 1997 and the present. Essays by Jan Zálešák and Barnabás Bencsik.

Exhibition opening | 14 May 2015 | 7-9 pm

On view | 27 June 2015 | 6 pm

miss margrin


LOVER. is Miss Margrin’s first solo exhibition, a series of grand format moods to express the affection of hues and shades, the search of fine balance in geometry, the love of waves, mountains, high skies and thin air. Artworks are combining the old technique of wood inlay with oil and acrylic painting. 

Miss Margrin aka Zsófi Fenyvesi lives and works in Budapest, as one of the resident artists of Brody Studios. She had her adventurous tour in the world of street art, typography, illustration and graphic design, before she started experimenting with wood inlay and painting. Zsofi is a lover of geometry, a peculiar palette of colours and balances the elements of her images precisely to find effortless and light harmony in every piece. 
She founds great joy in skateboarding and co-owns a skateboard manufacture: Faun Project.

LOVER. Miss Margrin első önálló kiállítása, nagy formátumú hangulatokkal, amelyek az árnyalatok és színek csodálatát tükrözik, a geometria éteri, finom egyensúlyát keresik, a hullámok, hegyek és a ritka levegő érzeteiből inspirálódtak. A munkák fa és olaj és akril festés berakásos technikával készültek. 

- - - - - - -

Miss Margrin aka Zsófi Fenyvesi Budapesten él és alkot, a Brody Studios egyik rezidens művésze. Kalandos útja a street art világán át a tipográfián, illusztráción és grafikai tervezésen keresztül vezetett a fával és festészettel való kísérletekig. Zsófi a geometria szeretője, a finom árnyalatok hangolója, aki képei elemeinek egyensúlyát és könnyed harmóniáját keresi. Szeret gördeszkázni, a FAUN Project egyik tulajdonosa és tervezője.

Exhibition Opening Night | 19 February 2015
Exhibition view from 20 February to 18 April 2015
Mo to Fri: 11am to 7pm
Saturday: 12am to 6pm  

marcus goldson


Brody ArtYard is proud to present a special limited edition risograph print series dedicated to Marcus Goldson’s wildlife watercolours. We adapted his lively, decorative images to our risograph printing facilities. Each of his pieces are a slice of intricate African fauna and flora full of graze-worthy details. 

Join us on February 5th for the first public view of “The Wild Collection” Risograph Print Box as well as the Finissage of Marcus Goldson’s exhibition “Safari Budapest” at Brody ArtYard.

Date: Thursday, February 5th

* * * *

Marcus’ painting, watercolors and prints are ironic visual diaries, reveling the most grotesque and yet familiar to us. From a bus ride in Budapest to his wildlife paintings, the artist captures the flatness essence of life, full of humor and colors.

“In a city like Budapest you can witness anything from the plain hilarious to the weird and macabre in a matter of minutes on the same street. Essentially, my Budapest pictures show people being people, dogs being dogs, pensioners behaving badly and everyone generally being themselves in a place that is always rewarding to paint. 

I’ve never consciously pursued a single style. A good idea or the nature of the subject matter (or my circumstances) almost dictate how I should depict it. Most of my pictures are observations of real life with a little embellishment by me. I think anything that is visually interesting, or that provokes a story, laughter, imagination, empathy and understanding is valid food for my pictures”. 

The artist was born in Kenya in 1969 and after studied Art History and Sculpture in UK he moved to Budapest following his beloved. 20 years has passed, 2 daughters and a great success, Marcus keeps his eyes sharp to most ordinary.

* * * *

Exhibition Opening Night | 18 DECEMBER 2014
Exhibition view from 19 December to 14 February 2015
Mo to Fri: 11am to 7pm
Saturday: 12am to 6pm

Boglárka nagy


The self-portrait is a well-established art genre – it develops the technical aspect of visual representation and interrogates the artist's inner self and connects it with the materiality of the body.

Technology has prompted a new phenomenon in the field of self-portrait: the 'selfie', shifting the focus of self- portrait from “Who am I?” to “What do I look like? ”or “Do I look good?”.

Boglárka Nagy’s portraits reflect the tradition of self-portraiture investing much time and skill in capturing the subtle detail of the subject’s character, challenging us to think more about how the portrait and the 'self' are produced visually and relate to the audience.

Boglárka Nagy comes from a large family of athletes but forged her own artistic path and developed her technical painting skills for which she received attention as a student. She convinced celebrated Hungarian painter László Gyémánt to act as a mentor – their work together provided the catalyst for Gyémánt to begin painting again.

The artist challenges us to keep our “Eyes Wide Open” to the evolving relationship between visual representation and the self when technology and identity are undergoing radical change.

Anonymous project


(UNTIL 1st of NOVEMBER 2014)
Our second Brody Anonymous Project was much fun - visitors enjoyed the concept and a few late nights! Nearly half our participating artists sold work - a record - and we decided to extend the opportunity for Brody members and friends in Budapest to purchase some of the remaining pieces for the same fixed price of €350+VAT. Come by ArtYard before 1 November 2014 to check them out. Use your senses and, if you are commercially minded, you may pick up a total bargain!


A selection of artwork anonymously exhibited, encouraging viewers to judge (and hopefully buy) on the basis on their senses only. No names, no signatures just whether they like it or not. Names, bios and other key information will be provided to buyers only.

We would like to create purchase opportunities for as many people as possible not only by offering a broad range of artwork (in terms of content, media, style) but also by making it affordable. Each piece (whether by an established artist or a newbie) will be available for the same price. 



Brody ArtYard is thrilled to announce the opening of Vidam The Weird's exhibition: Transformation.

Vidam's new solo-exhibition “Transformation” showcases his personal artistic transition from a bold, outline based cartoon style to a completely diverse way of illustrating and painting.

The new works approach the theme “Transformation” in two different ways: first by favouring wooden panels over traditional canvases and secondly by transforming a bold cartoon aesthetic into pop surrealism. Vidam experiments with a reduced color palette, that matches the wood's harmonic shades.

Attila Szamosi aka Vidam was born in Budapest in 1983, and raised in a small town near Cologne in West Germany. He works across multiple disciplines: running his own illustration studio, traveling the world with his street art crew “The Weird”, producing his own electronic dance music and performing as a DJ. But his main passion is still traditional painting.

Exhibition Opening Night | 25 SEPTEMBER 2014

krisztina erdei


Brody ArtYard is pleased to announce the opening of Krisztina Erdei’s photography exhibition.

Krisztina Erdei is one of the 2 Hungarian artists presented at this year's (19th) Sydney Biennale. Her documentary-style photographs are quirky and humorous but also insolent, stirring, poetic or simply bewildering. Spanning communities across Ukraine, Lithuania, Kosovo and Hungary, her work provides a glimpse into the shifting circumstances of this region.

Krisztina Erdei exhibited extensively abroad and was shortlisted for the 7th BMW-Paris Photo Prize in 2010. She is a founding member of the Lumen Photography Foundation, created in 2002 to nurture an experimental, international platform for photographic art in Hungary.

Exhibition can be viewed from July 24th to September 24th.

Diane sophrin

As part of the Yellow Star Houses Memorial Day we present 'Dom Feliksa' - Monoprints by Diane Sophrin.


American artist Diane Sophrin lived in this building during the 90’s, but has a history to tell about what happened with her family’s house in Poland. 

Opening speach by Katarzyna Sitko - head of the Polish Institute in Budapest.

Please do join us!

If you'd like to know more about other memorial events please visit http://www.yellowstarhouses.org/

Banana paprikash

Brody ArtYard announces launch of its first graphic art novel, Banana Paprikash by Marcus Villaca, aka RocketPig.

Banana Paprikash harks back to a time of photonovelas and Cold War intrigue. Musa Cavendish (Last of the Famous International Playboys) makes public the full extent of his ongoing research into his family history including his troubling personal diary. Back in Budapest after his global jet-setting, he must dodge bullets and random shots of Unicum to save what's left of his reputation with the help of Agent Sasha, The Professor and Capitan Sava.

Marcus Villaca is a storyteller and art director who was born in America with Brazilian roots. He lived here and there and ended up hooked on Budapest fascinated by Cold War stories. He spends most of his time in watering holes downing copious amounts of Unicum doing field research among Central Europe's chatterati.

Villaca’s graphic novel features iconic Budapest urbanscapes and is shot as a storyboard with a mobile phone. The silkscreen cover is hand-printed and the book is printed on Risograph.

Exhibition Opening Night | 23 May 2014

gábor kerekes

Brody ArtYard’s first exhibition will showcase a new series of works from Gabor Kerekes, specially produced for the occasion. 

Gabor is well-known for his large collage works transforming magazine images into cities and landscapes. ‘Some people recycle useful items but I recycle images. That is how I build up my collections – a kind of humane approach to the visual world that we are surrounded by’ – explains the artist.Gabor’s “collections” are visual representation of the concept and definition of what a collection is; a gathered mass of information and trinkets that are nostalgic, cherished, mysterious and what should be remembered or possessed. In reference to the movement of the Cabinet of Wonder collections, Kerekes calls a modernized and contemporary homage to this movement and produces a very resourceful and progressive use of the amount of images produced in today’s world.

Exhibition Opening Night | 20 March 2014

Our sponsor

BORTÁRSASÁG cordially provides outstanding wine for our opening exhibitions.
by the Brody House Group